The Beacon approach consists of four key areas which enable us to produce a tailored service around the specific objectives of your project. Your satisfaction, and ultimately our success, depends on the co-ordination and combination of these elements.

Working in Partnership
In order to establish a thorough knowledge of the commercial, industrial and professional applications for which we are asked to supply specific software solutions, Beacon believes in developing close working reApproachlationships with every client in order to understand the problem fully from all conceivable angles. An essential benefit is that we employ specialists who have broad problem-solving experience in a wide range of different business environments. By drawing on this extensive, individual experience, we are able to provide you with a precise software solution quickly, efficiently and effectively. Beacon’s business philosophy is therefore to work in partnership with you in order to build a thorough understanding of your business needs and to apply the specific experience of our specialists assigned to the project. This philosophy ensures that we deliver timely, cost-effective and quality software which satisfies your expectations. As a result of following this partnership approach, we are often asked to carry out further projects based on our first-class service, commitment and breadth of technical expertise.

At Beacon, we place considerable emphasis on providing high quality, leading-edge solutions. Quality management and quality assurance are key to the entire Beacon philosophy of client satisfaction. We work hard to satisfy your expectations and apply quality checks and controls throughout the project. Every department operates quality control, whether it be in research, development, accounting or administration and, particularly in the case of system design, programming and documentation, where only the highest industry-recognised standards are acceptable.

Technical knowledge, experience and attitude are each important in their own right. It is the harnessing of these key features into the Beacon business strategy that makes the difference between building systems that just do the job and systems that exceed expectation. At Beacon, we implement an in-depth training programme for each of our engineers and consultants to ensure that their skills and knowledge are kept up-to-date and which form the backbone of the services and solutions we provide. In this way, we continually update our resources and skills base to accommodate both emerging and established technologies. We identify and use where appropriate the very latest systems, design environments or languages. We continue to deepen our core competencies in mainstream, industry-standard skill areas. In this way we can offer you the very best implementation options for the problems specified.

As a project and skills-based company, one of our key strengths is our team-based approach. We are a people business in which teamwork and long-term continuity play a very important part. Beacon’s staff are selected not only for their experience and qualifications, but also on their attitude towards client service, quality and teamwork. First and foremost, our staff recognise the importance of the flexible and responsive approach demanded by Beacon’s client partnership philosophy. Then, as they become a closely integrated member of the Beacon team, they also demonstrate an ability to make a significant contribution to the company’s reputation for the quality of the work it does and of the software it produces.