Object-Oriented Software

Beacon’s determination to achieve quality is driven by our commitment to ensure your satisfaction through the delivery and support of a top quality product. To this end, we have long been a strong proponent of object-oriented software construction. The fundamentals of this methodology rest above all on accepting concepts of quality, which demand that software should be correct, robust, extensible, reusable and portable.

In addition to this rigorous foundation, we are also enthusiastic promoters of the emerging technology of object-based software components – both as component builders and as system integrators.

Our project planning emphasises the importance of various approaches for product development radincluding Iterative Design, Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method (SSADM), and Rapid Application Development (RAD). Our user-centric approach focuses on early prototyping to maximize usability and minimise project risk.

Beacon personnel have in-depth knowledge over a wide range of contemporary analysis and design tools and techniques. These currently include UML, Booch, OMT, ER and Yourdon. We are often in a position to adapt to your own chosen methodologies where this is required.