Software Services

Beacon specialises in developing customised software solutions with services ranging from initial scoping and feasibility studies to fully deployed and supported solutions.

Our range of Software Services begins with a thorough evaluation of the problem and the practicality of its solution. Project planning is carried out in consultation with you, keeping you fully informed on the progress at every stage from research and product development through to implementation, commissioning, operation and support services.

Our consultants have a wide range of expertise and broad industry knowledge to help you take the right steps in solving your software design and development problems. By continually developing our skills and evaluating new solutions, we are able to provide advice on the quality and potential of ssyour technology. We can define a systems strategy to help you make more effective use of the appropriate tools and technologies for your environment. We offer access to highly experienced consultants who analyse your future business and systems requirements and who provide a qualified, informed and honest opinion of your current status. Following the analysis of your business and systems requirements, we scope the project in line with your requirements and combine this with an on-going risk assessment to highlight any impact these may have on the project. The detailed analysis of the project helps to identify specific deliverables and to determine timescales resulting in a series of mutually agreed milestones. This up-front stage also includes capturing your requirements, developing specifications for your approval and generating proposals to help guide the next phases of the project.

Design and Development
Feasibility Studies and prototyping are carried out to enable early evaluation and gain your feedback. While the code is being completed, testing and de-bugging are intensified and carried out until the ‘release’ milestone is reached. At this time, other deliverables are produced including executables, release notes, versioned source code, specified training manuals and systems documentation. This stage results in a fully functioning, tested and documented software solution.

When the software solution has been tested and you are fully satisfied it has met your requirements, our engineers provide expert assistance in preparing for and carrying out your deployment, leaving you free to get on with your business. Depending on the nature of the project, we can install the software solution at our premises or at your site. Backed by our first-class engineering and support infrastructure, we help you install and integrate your software solutions ensuring that all your hardware, operating systems, applications, drivers and utilities are fully integrated in the deployment design. We work closely with your IT department to plan and implement a tailored deployment strategy that can save your organisation time and money. Since 1986, our clients have employed Beacon to assist in developing and implementing their deployment strategies, saving them hours installing systems while providing error-free solutions. As a result of this experience, we have inside knowledge of “the tricks of the trade” that can ensure the success of your deployment.

Once the solution has been successfully deployed and integrated, our final task is to ensure a successful hand-over and implementation at your site. This stage involves support, training, on-line help, providing systems and project documentation and the actual transfer of the technology.